Secure Bobi Post Box

Lockable letter boxes are the norm these days. Make sure your post is kept secure in a Bobi lockable post box. Each of our secure post boxes protects delivered mail and small parcelsEach letter box comes with a quality cylinder lock and 3 keys. The lock has a dust cover securing the access door and on the key you'll find an unique key number.


All our secure post boxes are made from 1mm thick steel, which means that without using excess force, the letterbox can not be opened, making it vandal resistant.


Secure Tooth-Edged Baffle Plates

Should you require extra security for your Bobi Classic, Grande or Grande S, a tooth-edged baffle plate is sold separately. Adding this plate makes it more difficult for anybody unauthorised to access your post without the key. This great anti-theft device makes sure your post is in safe hands.


We recommend purchasing the tooth-edged baffle plate when you're unable to empty your letterbox on a regular basis. Also many of our business clients prefer to feel safe in the knowledge that their business post box features an anti-theft device. It makes the Bobi an extra secure post box to suit your business.

We will install the tooth-edged baffle plate, free of charge, before we despatch your Bobi letterbox to you. 


Adjustable Letter Slot

All our Grande and Jumbo models feature an adjustable letter slot, which makes them extremely suitable to receive small parcels. With an adjusting bolt you can easily set the width of the letter slot at any time, ranging from completely shut to maximal 8 cm. This unique device offers extra security.